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I`ve been engaging in dogs since childhood. When there was a necessity to protect our cottage, we have chosen the German shepherd dog and have bought a bitch (Grethen Djenestra) in the Ukrainian nursery Djenestra. Her grandfather Ursus von Batu was the World champion in 2000. The main occupation of Grethen is protection of the house, but she also successfully took part in Dog Shows (ŅĀŅ, Excellent-4 on Eurasia 2003). She has had remarkable puppies. The German shepherd dog is the universal guard breed and the most suitable (to my mind) for protection in our climate zone.
But I always dreamed about small fluffy dog in my house.
For the first time, I saw pomeranian in 2003 on Eurasia. Then I understood, that pomeranian was that very dog I wanted so long. At that time In Russia there were too little pomeranian litters, so I wrote the most famous breeder of the American kennel
Sharon Hanson. Thus an American pomeranian Jan-Shars Cover Girl (home nickname is Dolly) had appeared in our life. Great thanks to Sharon Hanson for such perfect girl. She has become the Champion of Russia and presented us remarkable puppies. They have already begun the show career very succesfully and making happy their owners. We are planning to bring the excellent stud dogs and brood bitches for the further work on achieving the ideal spitz.
Last year we bought the male of the American Akita from the kennel Jolesk.


All dogs freely move inside the house and on the territory of the cottage. They
always take part in our country trips and sport games.


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